Could Be A Novel


Oh my poor scrambled brains!


‘You want me to give you my groceries? For real, my groc… You want to take the fruit I bought this morning for my babies at the day care? What are you going to do sell them on the street for a fix? Are you serious?’ At this point she hadn’t seen the blade that in his mind he was proudly brandishing. He knew he must be scaring her to death.


‘You talk too much’ he’d said.


‘No one’s ever said that to me before. I’m usually pretty quiet.’ Bantering back flowed with too much ease though she should’ve been scared, shouldn’t she have been (‘the ongoing question’ ran quickly through her mind)?


He took a step forward to take a slash, ‘a knife…’ but she crouched down in a move that’s only done in the movies, stuck her foot out, swiped his ankle and he fell on his backside, ‘good night’, as the knife bounced out of his hand far enough he couldn’t reach.


He was certainly surprised and so was she. ‘I’ll be damned, oh yeah, I already am.’


With legs a little wobbly she stood back up anyway, walked to the knife and kicked at it catching it just right sending it sailing across the green picnic area she was passing, which was impressive.


‘Whoa, caught that just right’.


The guy she’d sucker-punched in a sense and knocked on his ass was still a little stunned, his pride having been very bruised along with all else.


‘Who is this bitch… Zena… dike…’


She continued on to work, apricots, blueberries and 3 oranges in tow. She didn’t look back. No need. ‘Zena, warrior princess or was I Wonder Woman, interesting I’m wearing gold tinted sandals today, no doubt he thinks I’m a lesbian…


This is a start to a helluva day’ she thought, ‘and it’s Friday to boot… does that matter, yeah, Fridays always matter and I’ve two days to think about what just happened. Too much, can’t say you’d ever see that coming, maybe I’ll write something about it, build a story.


Who knows, could be a novel’.







Van Helsing On Deck


She felt a sting near the knot tied at her hip. Absentminded she brushed and settled into the chaise and the second sting. “What the…” she brushed again, glanced at her side but it was at her back with another sting. “What…” she sprung sitting up twisted and turned. On the towel was a curled up fuzzy bit of something that’d earned getting brushed off the deck completely. “I come out early before any flying stinging creatures begin buzzing around in a stupor from the heat. Who invited you? How early do I have to get out here” and she settled back one last time. “It better be…”


An hour later she came in her body burning dripping sweat. “Shower.” On the way the bits of her lack of swimsuit were peeled and dropped over the hallway fan. “We’ll do this again tomorrow.” The water was adjusted to a hair above lukewarm, she stepped in inhaling relief as her heart rate relaxed from intense heat but at the same time she felt strange, a strange sensation devouring her from the head down like a beak closing over her piercing. She screamed a caw from a raw throat and thought she must be burning, something happened in the apartments, someone was careless, then jumped out grabbing a shirt from the closet in case it were necessary to run outside. The pain wouldn’t stop and she twisted throwing herself through the window and soared. “I’m in the air. How am I in the air…” She opened her eyes gliding above the houses, grounds, trees but staying just below the clouds, the shirt she’d pulled over herself with the big WTF that usually teased cleavage was now full abreast waving in the breeze, her wings spread through the capped sleeves. “How is this possible? This is so cool.” Then she saw him running into an open area. He looked up at her extending a leather clad arm, “come back!”


“Who the hell… Ha, I think not. WTF appropriately so…” she pushed like a swimmer would to pick up speed and soared higher feeling something give way inside as his head to his arm were covered in a whitish-brown spatter. “Look what I did” she cackle-cawed. “That’s supposed to be good luck you know.” Something glittered golden in the sun on her claw as she mused WTF strikes again. She lunged for speed and it snapped like a weak thread. Caught in the breeze it turned up revealing a dainty engraved oval. “Plated, wouldn’t you know” shaking it off she flew.


“Wonder when this wears off. Can I change when… ? How… ? Oh, that’s right, grilled fresh tuna and cut up a salad… tonight… Guess I’ll find out.”






Sunday Is Still For Vampire But I’ve A Book To Read


The first cardinal rule in Philosophy is never assume. Isn’t it amazing in a very sad way that’s what most people do from just a glance and what piss-poor attitudes they have when it turns up they’re dead wrong? What makes it worse is everyone else’s attitude toward the assumptor / assumptorette when it becomes apparent there was 100% no truth anywhere. The vanity scale goes through the roof but there’s no one else to blame, after all; you’re the bonehead who believed without knowing a damn thing, without instinct or thought process. Is there a lecture in this? Nah, but Petra’s mind was still rattled from the last staff meeting. “Does she honestly think we’ll all believe she’s that kind of intuitive, like a mystic or something and we’ll fear our thoughts because she’ll know them before we even think them? She’s in our minds is she? If it’s a joke it’s a bad one.” The director had opened the meeting with a shocking revelation in her menopausal mind state to startle everyone into unquestionable obedience and servitude through fear. She knew everyone’s thoughts. She knew what everyone was thinking without speaking. Intangible objective knowing was simply her state of being, her job. The other side of that bad joke was Emma, the lead on the floor who got caught taking 30-minute 10-minute breaks, using her laptop to write a book instead of doing her job, and utilizing the office equipment to print everything off. She had actually gone on a tirade blaming Petra for her actions although at first it seemed like generalizations of bad excuses. It turned out it was her fault because she was efficient on the floor. She got so much work done so well that it burdened Emma and left her no other choices. There was just nothing left to do. The kicker was the director allowed it to be dumped in Petra’s lap. She hadn’t even realized it until the director’d asked, “Does anyone have anything to say?” Petra had been listening and thinking how glad she was this catty, petty complaining had nothing to do with her to get sucker-punched with a baseball bat that the meeting wasn’t an emergency staff meeting but her personal lynching trial. The director was looking right at her as Emma ranted on about how she wasn’t going to apologize to her for her abusive language and berating in front of the staff and students. “You aren’t paying attention”, the director had said. “I am… I’m listening.” “Do you have anything to say?” Petra was briefly stumped. “Well, I had no idea this was going to turn out to be a meeting about me.” Her voice cracked a little. The director and Emma thought for sure they had her. What they didn’t understand was it wasn’t an indication they were breaking Petra down, she was pissed, mortified at the utter absence of professionalism with the open-door policy permitted that if there was a complaint about another co-worker to come to the director’s office and tell her. Instead of diffusing the director would go to the person complained about and level accusations. It was as bad as allowing catfights as opposed to cockfights. The facility was run by women. There would be none of those although some of them thought they had spiritually acquired the specific appendage. “What’s next, inviting people in off the streets to place bets?”


One thing Petra knew and had been observing since she was a kid, “You learn a lot about people when they think you’re weak or stupid.” Didn’t most of them love to think she was stupid or they each were lord over her? Oh yes, they sure did. “Let them have go. Hopefully I’ll survive it.” She knew, well suspected already but would find out exactly what was running this place. If she played it right, it might just get its long time coming spring-cleaning.


Sunday Is For Vampire


Watching vampire flicks

This one took the cake

On a spaceship

Nothing but darkness

Oh boy

A vampire’s joy

And the fools thought they had a find

Let us dock, board and look around

Add up what net value’d be

Even the legendary destroyer of your kind

This time would not succeed

There was just no way

Too many centuries have gone by

There would be no cure

No salvation found

Written in

For anyone

The option, run the ship aground


Into the sun


Pool cue stakes

Could work why not


No dust in the air, no flame

Corpses here and there

No special effects

Bad acting abounds

Ancestry rose to the occasion not

Mina no, Van Helsing nay

Though Mina warned beware

The crew couldn’t care

Vanity overrode the day, or night

A stake for one a stake for all

She lamented I told you so

The biggest stake for you

To collide with the sun

Enough light you think

No darkness UV protect


Now you’re through



The tough guy lay with the pretty bot

Former pleasure bot not always a narc sub-plot

Yeah, there was one of them too

No one knew

Should have seen the captain’s face

At any rate

Happy together or moments tick away

Didn’t have to tell him twice

Explosion boom ship alight symbolic behind the scene

Leaving space debris

And the credits began to roll

Didn’t see that one coming

I sat with my mouth ajar


Guess we won’t jettison the count

And all would be cured

Tie breaking gravitational pull


Exhale we’re safe!


Survivors in shock

What just happened?

Thanks for remembering

Removing the stake

The hole in my heart healed up

Now he’s gone Drac Orloc

But no

I know why I don’t have a copy

I said aloud

To no one at all

Right then crystal clear

I love movies, even if it’s a B

Fine with me

Not this time

At least it was free




Fair Warning My Prince

I’m tired

Let’s sleep

How many times must I tell it default?

Lost count

Hmm, Count


Pleasant fatigue



Cuddle up with Drac

You know

That Prince Of Darkness

He drinks your blood

Handsome enough

Do I care?

Can I resist that come hither stare

To sink his reeth here, thither and yon

Do I want to?

If I fall asleep will he get the hint?

Go out

Have fun

What happens in Vegas

Or somewhere else

Stays as it goes

If you wake me with your bite

A stake for the heart my passion’s delight

I’ll give you undead

To cut off your head there’s no need

My slumber disturbed

Makes it fright night

Not for me but for you if you play this way

I’ll vacuum your ashes

Annoyed I’m awake

Bite the actress instead

Voyeur from my bed

Settling in

Better now

There, there



She stirred her brew

And it started to stew

She sang to all children

Come hither please do

I’ve a present for you

No need to nibble like a mouse

Come to the door

Come to my house

One sip, no more

You’ll want not to leave

Your company I crave

With ketchup, nay

Sweet and sour will do


Her stomach rumbled


A sigh she gave

The fragrance rose

It smelled so sweet

Billowed pretty in pink

Turned the chimney too

The stirring she stopped

She sat back and rocked

Sharp smile and waited

No more to do

The rest up to you


There was a knock


She rose to answer

Wow that was quick

But a voice she knew

Turn it blue

It said with a zing

Ping sparkles too

Oh no not you

Turn it back

Her voice didn’t crack

But her sister shot a surge

At the same time too

Now purple her brew

They both threw their arms up

They laughed right out loud

Twirled in an embrace

Spinning weightless in place


Well it’s good to see you!

When’d you get in?

Cast any new spells?

So much to talk about!

Lots we can do!

Oh my!

How are you?!



When the children come

There’s enough for two

How about this

That new sea place

Little Sis’ reply

I’d like to try

Two blocks away

No need to fly

Shimmer out to the door

We need do no more

And some chilled white wine

Well that does sound fine

Cast a borealis to fill the sky

Cancel the lure

Let the children sleep

No need to come nigh


Both zapped to their rooms

Then back to her door

Looking good

You too

Both dressed to the nines

Out they went

To the night

No need to take fright

First dine

Then dance

Children have fun too

Another time we will meet

For now worry not


Happy Valentine’s Day To You!!



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Perspective: A Very Short Story


Andromeda curled up eavesdropping in on the conversation her people were having concerning her needs, what she liked, should have and didn’t mind. As if! Fifteen pounds of fury and she knew being a Rat Terrier, her purpose, what she liked, should and wouldn’t mind having were rats. “No one gets it. I’m living in an apartment with no yard. Am I a cat?” She thought about rats in big cities, what she’d heard. “That’d be awesome. Maybe when they open the door I could escape to the train… I’d need a ticket, but you need cash for that. Exasperating…”





The prompt this week is:

 “…but you need cash…”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#159


Between: Adventures With The Undead Continues A Bit More But Not That Much

When I stepped out the door I didn’t see them but I thought I saw a path across from the yard. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before. Maybe I liked to walk that way before I was dead, or whatever. I didn’t get far before I heard the two boys talking just ahead. Interesting the way focusing on them helped me forget about my peeling skin. Remember that? Yeah, it’s still peeling. Interesting the way I can’t feel a breeze or know if I stepped in water, can’t hear sounds of nature but I could hear those people, or the two of them. Weird.

Food for thought on the topic of peeling skin: am I somewhere damp, I mean, my body? Maybe? Don’t know what would make your skin peel other than sunburn. Should catch up with those two. If they’d call each other by a name I might get a clue.

I couldn’t help but get caught up in the peacefulness of the path – the trees, the scenery. Couldn’t tell if there were any noises so no detecting a babbling brook, wouldn’t know if I stepped in one unless I looked down, but I got such a feeling. Maybe I liked it here. Watch out, genius emerging…

Better catch up with those boys.

And So It Begins – Cabin Fever, Maybe

She remembered the horse walking by, the angel of death on its back and the head of the former Starbucks manager protruding from its rump looking wide wild-eyed and alarmed.

Does wild wide-eyed sound better. Hmmm, have to think about that.

Could you blame him? Wonder if they’d given him time to repent before that one, then again they would certainly know if someone would mean it or if the likelihood of contrition was nil. His name was Mark. That’s right, Mark. Thank-goodness that place stayed open. There wasn’t much to see, not many places to go but those who’d survived were trying to rebuild, clean up, do what they could so life would move on and enough was still open to survive. She’d venture out today. Getting cabin fever. As much as she loved her word processor maybe she’d spring for a laptop.