Whatever Happened To Que

  There was a lot to digest. First his mom was dead but she wasn't seeing she'd appeared to him and they'd stayed up most of the night drinking coffee and talking about where he's from, the dad he never met and what'd happened to her so he'd know it wasn't as horrendous as everyone... Continue Reading →


My Lost Episode

    I didn’t think twice when I saw it The end of the season and the ritual incomplete But you both had always been each other’s nemesis What else would be new So let’s see what a new season brings Though I’m growing weary of the same routine That wearing thin schtick But When... Continue Reading →

Something Different Though Sunday Will Always Be For Vampire

  “Was I a vampire in a past life? Why are mornings so offensive..." or at least I used to think so when I was younger. How I loved the night and never wanted the sun to come up. That’s definitely food for thought. Somehow over time I evolved to a day-walker. I love getting... Continue Reading →

Sunday Is For Vampire

  Grandma while Michael Jackson's "Bad" is playing through the MegaMind credits: Would you like to see the video? It's really cool. I have a lot of Michael Jackson videos, even the one called Thriller - Zombies dance with Michael Jackson. Grandson: Don't the zombies eat the people's brains? Grandma: Nope... they only dance with... Continue Reading →

Sunday Is For Vampire But Right Now I’m Watching Dinosaurs With Sharks And The Loch Ness Monster On Deck

… marveling at man’s insistence at controlling a prehistoric animal. Four movies’ worth and he doesn’t learn similar to CEOs who just know their brand of embezzling is the winner and they won’t wind up in prison right up until s/he winds up in prison - remember when that was trending, from death, destruction, getting... Continue Reading →

Something Apocalyptic

  We’re supposed to be getting back to work after the holiday but the roads just aren’t busy. It’s as peaceful as Christmas morning in a heavy snow, that mysterious silence. Hmm… it’s not completely impossible the world ended and I slept through it. I mean, I wouldn’t put it passed me. Let’s see what... Continue Reading →

The First Thing They Teach You Is Never Assume

    You know that’s the thing. If I had a nickel for every time someone figured I couldn’t possibly know anything when I visit his or her country. How could I not? Being an outsider you have to know more, where you’re going, how to get there and most importantly what to do when... Continue Reading →

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