Sleepy Hollow


Sunday Is For Vampire On Good Friday

So a guy gets brutally, beyond brutally murdered and it’s called “good” Friday. I’ve been wondered about stuff like this since I was a kid.

Getting back to the vampires making a movie about vampires, a new generation of vampires and it’d been so long since I’ve added anything to it I’ll have to go back and see what had been revealed and where the whole thing was going. I know there was a sexy scene the vampire guy moving in on the vampire girl, making a move with fangs – you know how they love blood so blood was going to be a constant though this troop was going out to dinner and eating food not just buying it for their victims telling them “don’t worry about me darling I’m just not hungry” all the while enriching their blood for the best yet to come. Helps them to blend. But they did catch that guy who was lost somewhere in the movie set or was he really trying to escape which is impossible thanks to heightened senses. Can vampire sense be dulled? Food for though with a new breed.

Anyway, let me gather up the scraps and see what might be next.

Just Like Romeo And Juliet

Bubblegum music from way back

Hardly so seeing everyone’s dead

Lesson learned

Let’s see

Poor communication

Or she’d’ve known he was faking it and would revive

Or He’d’ve known she was faking it and would revive

Let’s love like that, don’t be an ass

Lousy business decisions

All this nonsense based on vanity

Narrow minded adults wanting to blow their own horns

I’m right you’re wrong

No you’re wrong I’m right

I’m in charge no I’m in charge

All sounds the same

Greek tragedy

Antigone too with Creon the fool

You’re all in defiance everyone’s been bribed

Even the seer fresh from god

I’ll kill you all but the gods beat him to it and he gets to live

No rest for the wicked so true

A shame real bad guys don’t meet such a fate

They keep getting away with the wrong they do and the damage, damage, damage

No MacGyvers here

He would’ve found a way out of a tomb

Escaped impending doom

Stopped a tyrant in his tracks

Told her look this’ll make you sleep I’ll come to get you trust me

What’s the point

Take a look at yourself

Grow a spine don’t be a dweeb

Psych-out 101

Bet you never realized these were comedies

One and all yes

A lighthearted way to help you think

Like the Scarecrow who escaped

Phantoms on their horses ride

Glow paint the best way to advertise draws the eye

The sale, the point to take this seriously finalized

Romney Marsh immortalized

Well, the legends remembered

Folks will stop by rent a room at the Inn go to a shop and buy

Pigheaded or diplomat

What’s objective anyway

Ah, now you must decide



I Am Legion


Let’s connect the dots the Hulk dots of all we’ve known over time. There has been no other superhero so exploited. Generation after generation he keeps creeping up, a newer, younger version comes forth. They have to be part of the same family. A grandfather perhaps, possibly great-grandfather that lives on. How many Thors do you know, Captain Americas? Can’t think of any but to date there’ve been 4 Hulks. We need them to meet up, it’s important the Hulk is not alone and he has no reason to disappear. Besides, we’re going to need all the help we can get to fight the ultimate bad guy as he seeks out the infinity stones… just think of the synapses they’d create.

The galaxy is vast and her guardians should know no bounds.


Descended From Angels



Men are descended from the angels

Archangels point of fact

I figured it out as I watched

A prophecy indeed

And contemplated

Now where does that leave us


I need you to have my child

He’ll be a special one


What about she

Well I can take it away as easily

She gives him that look

That a mother does with child aglow

The light in her eyes more brilliant than he could ever be

Are you kidding me

I could kill you if it were possible any other way


The baby stays

We are eternity is all he could say

Yeah looks that way

Esse quam videre


Come with me


He lay dying in her arms

His life he gave for hers

You got that right

She loves him anyway you see

She knows

How annoying can that be



We were made from that as the story goes

You can’t beat this boys

Made from you and light from him



Women rule

That’s too cool

Pure passion shows




I Hear Beer Cans Being Gathered


Some birds sing at 3am

Are they up to catch the worm

Or haven’t they been to sleep

Maybe flown in from Europe

Unaware of the time

Ahead or behind

Wondering where the sun could be

Are we in Scandinavia here or there

No should be much colder

Interesting creatures of the night as it is

Who knew it would be so

Like mermaids so beautiful to a sailors’ eye

But hissing like a snake

Take down the ship to debris

A cobra before it strikes then certain death

Innocent though they look

Gaze into their eyes

May be the last you see



Sunday Is For Vampire: You Just Never Know

It’s midnight madness movies at 3 a.m. Hercules this time and as I watch the all too familiar scene that for years I thought was a female stunt double driving the chariot it occurs to me it’s not a woman but a man, a man in a wig. In fact as I focus I’m certain the features, the face is much too strong, that it is definitely a man’s face in charge of those runaway horses who brings the chariot to the edge of the cliff struggling not to plunge into the sea beneath as Hercules grabs an entire tree, roots and all with that mystical-spooky music playing implying he’s not like everyone else, and throws it in front of the charging beasts saving the damsel, the female actress, in distress. Of course it’s been her the whole time the close up tells us as she collapses into a graceful faint. I get that same sensation, that excitement-warmth I felt as a young girl watching Steve Reeves, when WOR-TV had Sunday movie marathons and Hercules, Hercules Unchained, Jason and the Argonauts, Sons of Hercules, et al would play again, again, and again. I could shut the television, have Sunday dinner, put it back on and possibly watch from where I’d left off because the movie was playing one more time. TV was free, granted there were commercial interruptions but for these things they were limited, and there was always excellent programming, movie marathons being one of my favorites. Nowadays we pay a fortune and there’s never anything good on, or we’re paying big money to watch that one station not included with a basic cable package.

I feel an espresso coming on right after this fit of sneezing stops. I’m dusting today, no two ways about it.

Alive and Well


Ravens rested on the rocks of a lighthouse perch

“They look more like vultures between the gulls” I thought

While the sun shone strong in my dirty window as I

Reflected on my walk, the one I just took

It’s not my home but will be though temporarily

As for the apartment, excuse me; flat, it’s a benefit

A perk of my trade giving me more reason to stay


There was one alighted in the tree just outside of me

Another raven of course and the sun hid

Not on purpose I hope, on my account, an omen perhaps

The pale blue sky like some eyes I’ve seen and clouds

Wait for spring to battle winter

No defining color, that is typical for here I’ve learned

Bland fashion


Well in two days it’s March

Make up your mind soon so I know what to wear


Not that dampness, cold fingers from the sea really care

Meanwhile my jacket isn’t dry; the fan in my room

Makes it seem all the colder outside.

I can see out the window with no sun, but even with it

Should it decide to shine, the raven’s still there

It won’t leave my side or sight


Cue a flock of ravens to sail the sky, do they cry evermore

If you’d like, but at the same time the seagulls don’t mind

Unmoved by all going on while pigeons coo

They cover cobblestone, their domain, peck scraps here and there,

And get chased by the children, kicked away by adults


Everyone’s too busy, even the birds

Unable to pause and give day the time

Thick crowds form a sea of heads on the shore

I look up and the raven is not alone, there’re more

Many more, more than I can say for me


“Is it a gathering?”

And I wonder what for


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