Running Between Speeding Cars

Watching a vampire movie weirdly Guess I’ll have to write it in verse now To get away with what I did to grammar wordly Here it goes Like Drac in repose though I hate sing-songy rhyming Seriously A vampire movie with a twist ending The woman gets it in the end becoming And Drac gets... Continue Reading →


Vampires Are Smarter Than Zombies

  Zombies say aaaaaaaargh while they limp Vampires can think Men - vamps think they know something Women aren't much better all about the sex Or not being dressed but I stray from the path Which you know is never good Just because they've been around 400 years They think they know something Never in... Continue Reading →

Variations Of Frankenstein Let The Vampire Beware

    What’s wrong with Frankenstein The student ravenous for the secrets of life Desiring an apple of his eye Chips off the block in a patchwork design Let it live he shouts but it’s a man He lives Have you considered the soul you’ve made with those parts As the fool runs away in... Continue Reading →

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