Time Stands Still

  Running between speeding cars a hobble in my step I'd written a little something about this before Ankle twisting possibly opening the door to meet my maker But in this case could it be Cars slow down for me I command Not likely It's the hormone release that gives slo-mo oversaturating But I need... Continue Reading →


Don’t Unbutton My Dress Dear

https://grandpacalledthemhotpies.blogspot.com/2018/05/dont-unbutton-my-dress-dear.html   I might disappear Really I don't know for certain how it works An interesting way I'm discovering myself Time space travel Aligning the present with the past Though they are the same The present can't help itself In less than a blink It's been a while Doesn't it feel good Being up in... Continue Reading →

Vampires Are Smarter Than Zombies

  Zombies say aaaaaaaargh while they limp Vampires can think Men - vamps think they know something Women aren't much better all about the sex Or not being dressed but I stray from the path Which you know is never good Just because they've been around 400 years They think they know something Never in... Continue Reading →

Variations Of Frankenstein Let The Vampire Beware

    What’s wrong with Frankenstein The student ravenous for the secrets of life Desiring an apple of his eye Chips off the block in a patchwork design Let it live he shouts but it’s a man He lives Have you considered the soul you’ve made with those parts As the fool runs away in... Continue Reading →

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