Just Like Romeo And Juliet

Bubblegum music from way back

Hardly so seeing everyone’s dead

Lesson learned

Let’s see

Poor communication

Or she’d’ve known he was faking it and would revive

Or He’d’ve known she was faking it and would revive

Let’s love like that, don’t be an ass

Lousy business decisions

All this nonsense based on vanity

Narrow minded adults wanting to blow their own horns

I’m right you’re wrong

No you’re wrong I’m right

I’m in charge no I’m in charge

All sounds the same

Greek tragedy

Antigone too with Creon the fool

You’re all in defiance everyone’s been bribed

Even the seer fresh from god

I’ll kill you all but the gods beat him to it and he gets to live

No rest for the wicked so true

A shame real bad guys don’t meet such a fate

They keep getting away with the wrong they do and the damage, damage, damage

No MacGyvers here

He would’ve found a way out of a tomb

Escaped impending doom

Stopped a tyrant in his tracks

Told her look this’ll make you sleep I’ll come to get you trust me

What’s the point

Take a look at yourself

Grow a spine don’t be a dweeb

Psych-out 101

Bet you never realized these were comedies

One and all yes

A lighthearted way to help you think

Like the Scarecrow who escaped

Phantoms on their horses ride

Glow paint the best way to advertise draws the eye

The sale, the point to take this seriously finalized

Romney Marsh immortalized

Well, the legends remembered

Folks will stop by rent a room at the Inn go to a shop and buy

Pigheaded or diplomat

What’s objective anyway

Ah, now you must decide




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