It Said Horror 2018


Horror it said but it was clearly aliens

This is sci-fi simple to see

Haven’t I learned to give more time before I evaluate

Though the farmer thought he’d caught a fallen angel

Had it trapped in his basement in a cage

Was going to bargain to get his wife and child back from hell

But they weren’t there depending on perspective

Dropped to earth naked as it goes

Back they both come through electrical storms and bright lights

Science fiction no two ways about it

Then at the end the boy is pulling up planks because it’s the time

Time for the harvest with dozens of portals to be sewn

Discs strange lettering and symbols no pentagrams

Oh no

Horror trouble to come beware doesn’t help

If that weren’t enough the deputy driving says no smoking here ma’am

Like the now dead deputy with her in the house ripped open by invaders had said

When they’d met

Reminiscent when the spirit is in a body not its own

Soul given up forced will no rest

Rental-soul at best in a film without end

Classification horror or your best guess

Film noir too and nonetheless


Didn’t catch the title










Vampire Movie



I don’t need the Internet

Hurry find your way

I don’t have all day

Though I used to


I want to be like you

An immortal

But the vampire knew

Though new to his kind

Made special by the queen

What a douche bag he’d be

What a tool

The future unfolded in a blink

Well his did

The trouble he’d cause

His careless abandon

Their secrets revealed

The wasted death

The loss leading those to the slaughter

Theirs or his

So you want your reward he’d hissed

Yes you see I scare the people for you

Weaken them for the kill

Let you feed from me

I’m the best want-to-be you until you make it real

For all eternity

Yes that’d be me

Forever reality

An eternity you say

Well this is for you

Step closer no fear

He snapped his neck

That’s done problem gone

And the lackeys dove in

Well onto him to drink

Drain him through

Down to dust in the wind

His remains away they blew

Gentle swirl in the breeze

Into the moon

Or in front of it seemed



I’d studied business as a human he recalled

Esse quam videre

To be

I am

It is what it is

Lackeys snarled he growled


They backed into shadows awaiting his call

You know he thought

I always liked that song



Sunday Is Forever Vampire



But I just don’t want to disturb the peace right now

OK so the washer is on in the background

Not completely silent

That’s different than something on the screen

TV screen

My feet are cold from fresh air through the door

Yeah cold

This is great

I can’t wait for fall to be here more than summer

Tired of high temps and oppressive heat

Change comes with the new sun born from an eclipse

It renews the New Year 2017’s promises, resolutions, and intent

Works for me

And now time for coffee

As scenes from horror flash through my mind

The warmth from dripping blood wraps its arms around me

Or Jason’s bloody slashes

Or Michael’s gut-wrenching stabs

Jason’s met Freddy but Michael wasn’t there

Sounds like a Sunday brunch should be arranged

Can you imagine a movie with those three?

Then the Scream villain shows brandishing his knife

May he have a seat or will they cut him in half

Remains to be scene or seen

That horror warmth if you can wrap your head before it’s removed

It’s calling knowing my mood

What a day it could be

Psychotic killers, bloodthirsty vampires not pretty boys


Plus espresso and me

That’s the way it should be




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