No vampires today I am so ashamed Not really but watched an old black and white A murder mystery a writer writing a story an audience privy as it unfolds People shot but no blood no mangled bones though they fought Frightened women in heeled slippers long flowing nightgowns Hair tied up proper but... Continue Reading →


Not What It Seemed

Who says you can't reason with a headless man Yes you can Just give him back his head "Horseman, go long And take her as your bride The one who wronged you Right by your side" Then smiling his razor teeth at me He nodded Whether or not gratefully I didn't know Yet I imagined... Continue Reading →

‘Tween Places Four

  Another policeman got out. “Is he asleep?” The first one knocked on the window not too hard just firm enough to wake him but he didn’t stir. “I hate to do this.” “Maybe he’s drunk and sleeping it off?” “That’s a pretty deep sleep” and the first officer shone the flashlight directly into his... Continue Reading →

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