Story Of Que & Sci-Fi Snippet 6: Back To Re-ality

  Que lunged straight up in bed. “Mom! Mom!” Nuriye came running, well more like staggered hurriedly into his room. It was, after all, 3:47 a.m. She’d been working very late and had brought her 12-year old son with her, first so he wouldn’t be left alone, second to see the volcano that he’d developed... Continue Reading →


Silent Through Fall Leaves: Young Love

  Agon sat in his basement absorbed in his crossword puzzle. On his wall were those he’d completed making it look like it was a collage instead of concrete. In the background was a bubbling sound. It had taken almost a year for him to set up his network of beakers, pipets, flasks, and cylinders... Continue Reading →

Between: Adventures With The Undead Continues A Bit

  “She could still be alive then if it’s only one.” “I know.” “What could have happened? Somebody jump her? Did she fall somewhere?” He looked at his friend exasperated. “How would I know but I know where she walks. We walk back that way all the time when we’re doing stuff together. I’ll bet... Continue Reading →

Between (Adventures With The Undead): Speaking Of Food

Speaking of food, I’d grabbed a giant-sized sea bass that I’ll prepare. I know I’ve got veggies enough for a salad. Think I’ll make a hot salad – strange the way I can taste but not feel the weather. Very strange. Guess I’ll get back to that story after supper. What time is it? Why... Continue Reading →

Story Of Que – Sci-Fi Snippet 6: A Decision

Maybe she didn't have to explain anything. "Why is it mom's think they have to explain things to their kids? Would it make a difference if he knew his dad wasn't, well, his dad? He knows his characteristics are genetic. Leave it at that. Curiouser and curiouser - not. Kids aren't dumb and he's not... Continue Reading →

Between (Adventures With The Undead): Not Dead Yet

As I approach the door to my house those two officials, well, official looking people are standing there, again I think. He’s telling her how ridiculous it is to be afraid to enter and she keeps saying, “Ok then you go”, but no one moves. Funny. She nudges him, he stands glued to his spot... Continue Reading →

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