I can never figure out how European women do it! They wrap their shawls so perfectly should a tornado sneak up behind them catching them in its funnel and their lifeless body is spewed out from that very core, when they are found though now limp and lifeless they are a vision in a garment,... Continue Reading →


Wouldn’t Want To Be You

  Perusing the internet Deliverance from evil I happened to see Deliverance I mused But What if I'm the evil It's not an impossibility That All along I've been the Source That Force of nature Reckoning with not to be How do I get delivered How can I get deliverance From me      

Variations Of Frankenstein Let The Vampire Beware

    What’s wrong with Frankenstein The student ravenous for the secrets of life Desiring an apple of his eye Chips off the block in a patchwork design Let it live he shouts but it’s a man He lives Have you considered the soul you’ve made with those parts As the fool runs away in... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Day, Stuffed Zucchini And White Mushroom Sauce

  That being said, I’m going to burst if I don’t write something. Something There, I’ve done it.   Miggsie sat there scrawling on a tablet with a fountain pen dipped in ink missing the laptop. She hadn’t figured out how to get back to her own time yet. Maybe the man on the horse... Continue Reading →

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