Poetry Of The Unexplained Meter



Before Your Very Eyes


An intercessor, a messenger

Between creator and people

No, not me

A teacher by profession yes

Not so lofty

Making rounds school to school

What good can be found

I try to spread wherever the place

Whether town or city


Here there’s nothing much to see

But the spider weaves her web

Close, outside my door

How intricate a design


Symbolic twists, turns, interconnected life

Paths to travel, have been traveled

And yet to be

In awe by what I see

Knocked away with a corncob broom

Not my hand exacting doom

Yet the next day its back again

Meaning more than what can be seen

Her color unlike any with each return

Her appearance fearful

Though symbolic of grandmother

Well that’s me

I will concede

She takes over a tree

Creates a window to see through

The frame branch edges and leaves

A lattice web from brick to wood railing

Lends a patio view

Constructs a slope from wall’s side to a post

A ski jump anew

Remaining in the curve beneath

Where a jumper takes flight

A trickster yes she lies, waits

She won’t leave

She won’t give up

Though knocked away

Connector of heaven and earth

Keep luck near

She intends to stay


It Fell Through The Bed Into Another Dimension



The fan knocked it across the room

We turned back the covers but couldn’t see


We folded them up again and wondered

Now where did it go?


It wasn’t on the floor anywhere

That made less sense

Making another dimension look good

Strong argument you see

What dimension would it be?

Most likely 8th within mass and matter


Unless it fell to the center of the earth

Through the bedroom

Easier if it had become a bedbug

Dimension-wise not very likely though

What would have happened then?

It fell through the bed into another dimension

And landed crouched on its feet

Pushing up with two hands


How tall would it stand?

What would it see when it first focused?

Looking around at surroundings so strange

Would they be strange?

To it I mean

If you fell through the bed into another dimension

What would you do?

Surprising wouldn’t you say?

Lying back after a long day

Don’t close your eyes

Sensation so comfortable and light

Had the mattress always felt this way?

As the ceiling disappears from sight





I walked into my room but what did I see

A monster made of clothing growling back at me

CDs eating eye shadow smeared on thinly grooved lips

Shoes hiding in the corner stuffed with pizza and chips

Don’t wear make-up, love pizza, I wouldn’t do this


My favorite shirt peeked out from under the heap

“It shouldn’t smell that bad”, not wanting to reek

I gingerly reached as the monster stayed stilled

Sleeping so sound, “I can grab it, I will”

I didn’t see it was watching me


The pile lunged at me, covered me complete

Familiar stenches surrounded

Pungent zombie feet

I knew in a flash the thing I must do

I’ve got to get out before it seeps through


I stood pushing up, my legs still buried deep

Lunged out of my room, bounded stairs in a streak

Made the laundry room door

Stopped stood straight and tall

Spied a laundry bag close hanging right on the wall


I grabbed it and bounded down four at a time

And entered the door

To fill my sack higher than Christmas Day’s loot

Trudged back to the laundry, oops, threw in a boot

I don’t own any boots


The machine grinned open, “I’m hungry, let’s eat!”

In a voice ominous and so unearthly deep

I fed an extra large load so content it’d keep

While it gurgled and munched I went back down the stairs

Faced bravely my room, “About those shoes over there…”




You inherited my darkness along with his genes. (Ain’t talkin’ pants) Mine is depth and soul under most circumstance. Nothing harmful or hateful toward human beings, but what have we done in taking this chance? The cart’s before the horse. Now done is the deed.





I no longer put on my face

Gave it up years back

A Crusade of my making

Mirrors are put away

For more time together

Securely children play


Stand before a crowd

They don’t like what they see

Awakening their demons

Before slumbering interrupted

They come groggily

Darkness filling broad day


Young faces change

I look into dead eyes

Nothing light remains

Except for what’s mine

Blazing within bright

Holds nothing in this place


Welcomed to hell

Here I bide what is time

Until the demons are freed

Return and rest in cavern’s cave

When the night demons visit

Makes no sense to take fright



What’s In Your Bathroom?

I woke during the night from a dreamless sleep

Had to use the facilities so I sat up and yawned

Placed bare feet on the carpeted floor and stood

Then wandered out and down the hall

Saw a light shining from under the door

Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve really got to go

Then I realized “hey, I live alone”

All urges left as slowly I crept uncertain of what I’d do

Should’ve turned and gone back for the cell

Dial 911 at least

Why was I being drawn in this direction nonetheless?

Didn’t make much sense, didn’t stop me either


Standing outside I heard humming

That’s what it sounded like with an electronic buzz

No, I hadn’t anything to drink to help lull me to sleep!

There was something about the light too

I couldn’t help but think to myself “What’s going on now?”

Especially after what’d happened the other day

You know what I’d wrote about the kitchen

In Kaleidoscope posted on the other blog

(The inspiration behind the idea for this one)

About the strange behavior of objects, pets and fruit

Anyway, wondering if my soap and loofa had come to life

Maybe my body lotion though I couldn’t imagine how

What would it do other than squirt itself from mirror to wall

That’d be a mess, maybe become a small blob

Holding my breath I gently pushed open the door

There was definitely a surprise standing, yes standing

On the floor


It turned and it smiled as it turned a couple of dials

Attached to a belt that it wore

It stretched what I guessed was an arm

Reaching for a brush I kept stored behind the door

“Well I use that for cleaning right there” I heard myself say

“You do really? It’s good for so much”, it said brushing its long hair

“My name’s Zrb and I really love earth”

It said by way of introduction and continued on

I couldn’t say what gender or if it had one

“We vacation each year at this time

To get away from slug season, all they do is hiss slime”


I shook my head to clear but I knew that wasn’t going to work

“Slugs! Gross, wouldn’t want to live wherever is there

No offense, it doesn’t sound very nice. Oh, I’m Myas.

My grandson calls me that and the name stuck.”

“When they come it’s not, you’re right. Myas is like our names.

None of them are more than four letters long.”

Zrb projected a map from one of the dials

And it illuminated the bathroom wall

“There that smaller light is my planet”

“Is that a ring of Saturn, we’re practically neighbors then

You know most of what we get watching sci-fi

Visitors from space are from other systems or universes

What else do you do besides sneak into people’s bathrooms?”

I couldn’t believe I wrapped-up with that one

It turned and it smiled then let out a sigh


Sounded like an electronic sigh

If my laptop talked that’s the sound it’d make

“Who is it I’m talking to?” I found myself thinking

“Am I in my right mind?”

“Yes you are” it replied, “I’m a girl like you”

“How many are you?” I just had to ask, “How many came?”

But Zrb quietly quickly was putting things back

Which I thought was nice

As she passed through the wall into dawning night

She entered her ship, had it always been there

I started but a little too late for fright, “Gotta go, take care

We’re heading down the coast to the beach”

I heard her say, now mind to mind, as the ship lit up bright

“I love the ocean”, I thought of always remembered days

“I know, I got the idea from you” as100 more at least lit up with hers

“How do they do that and not make the night sky explosion bright?”

And they took off, following her into the night


“She was their leader?”

I was distracted then remembering why I was there

Though stunned yet, everything turned out fine

It’s nothing I could ask anyone about or strike up talk

Maybe “hey, I was wakened by a strange light

Lightening, you think?”

Just to get things started and keep it safe

Who’d say, “No it was some spaceships”

“Was there a visitor from another world in your bathroom?

There was in mine, in fact she was their navigator.”

Yeah, right.


Took the toilet brush now iridescent

Yes, that’s what she brushed her hair with

Happy she didn’t use it on her teeth

And cleaned around the bowl

Didn’t make it extra shiny or anything like that

Didn’t give it a glow

Guess I’ll keep what happened to myself

I wonder if it’s late enough Grimm would be airing

I’ll watch that to take my mind off things

Glad it’s Saturday too

And bourbon in tea just might do


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