Horror Movies Without End

How can you do this to me? You’re dead! And now I’m dead too thanks to you but I saved my son, you can’t have him again killing your wife and his sister too saving him from you. The law got there just in time, a bullet through your brain stopped you cold but how is it you stayed. Anger everlasting will be but not for me.

I cry. Have you seen my son I miss him so.

Caught in this place now you are gone. Avenging yourself against the policeman who stopped you cold. He’s dead but I’m alone. Your wife left too, finally. I was saving her son, was that why she disappeared? We were out the door us two. You grabbed my hair pulling me back in, my blood covered all, wood floor and wall. I was gone. How could you, you were dead, already dead. Corporal manifestation for some just not true. I saw you, so did he, but you were dead.

Now I am too.




Or should I say B-movies unite, but they’re recent, most from 2016. I like B-movies and movie monsters so I watched several trailers to see what the interest is, why the sudden saturation of werewolves. There’s an intellectual one about a guy who only thinks he’s a werewolf according to the well-educated right up until he transforms… after that there’s nothing but fear and more death. (His attorney sure was surprised) Another has teenage friends on holiday except one has a family secret and eats his friends… eh. Still another has an entire town full of werewolves who were trying to keep a low profile until… nah. Someone decided to interpret Maximum Overdrive with animals becoming possessed-infected, and attacking their peeps… beware your Chihuahua. The kicker was someone being brought back from the dead as a werewolf-slayer of sorts dressed as red riding hood – nope. Don’t let me forget the very first trailer I watched about a stopped train because the engineer thought he’d hit an animal, then when everyone on the train goes outside to see what’s going on and find him getting torn to shreds by the werewolf, no one is smart enough to get back on the train in a hurry, release the parking brake and drive away. Can a train outrun a werewolf? Who knows but it might have been thrilling to see what you go through to uncouple trailing cars to go faster. There were so few they could’ve all climbed into the first one… Lot’s of graphic blood-gore but none of it moved me.


What a buzz-kill. I’ll take Lon Chaney any day or Dark Shadows’ David Selby, the only werewolf who knows how to dress down to his shoes and you could run away from even if he’s got his arms around you. Those guys had class.



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