She stirred her brew

And it started to stew

She sang to all children

Come hither please do

I’ve a present for you

No need to nibble like a mouse

Come to the door

Come to my house

One sip, no more

You’ll want not to leave

Your company I crave

With ketchup, nay

Sweet and sour will do


Her stomach rumbled


A sigh she gave

The fragrance rose

It smelled so sweet

Billowed pretty in pink

Turned the chimney too

The stirring she stopped

She sat back and rocked

Sharp smile and waited

No more to do

The rest up to you


There was a knock


She rose to answer

Wow that was quick

But a voice she knew

Turn it blue

It said with a zing

Ping sparkles too

Oh no not you

Turn it back

Her voice didn’t crack

But her sister shot a surge

At the same time too

Now purple her brew

They both threw their arms up

They laughed right out loud

Twirled in an embrace

Spinning weightless in place


Well it’s good to see you!

When’d you get in?

Cast any new spells?

So much to talk about!

Lots we can do!

Oh my!

How are you?!



When the children come

There’s enough for two

How about this

That new sea place

Little Sis’ reply

I’d like to try

Two blocks away

No need to fly

Shimmer out to the door

We need do no more

And some chilled white wine

Well that does sound fine

Cast a borealis to fill the sky

Cancel the lure

Let the children sleep

No need to come nigh


Both zapped to their rooms

Then back to her door

Looking good

You too

Both dressed to the nines

Out they went

To the night

No need to take fright

First dine

Then dance

Children have fun too

Another time we will meet

For now worry not


Happy Valentine’s Day To You!!



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