Dead Of Winter

“I came into consciousness on the floor. Slowly I got to my feet, looked around in the pitch black of what I knew was the living room and drew a complete blank. Where were the light switch and my … “


Hubris, Ate, Nemesis


As I rose in the dark I turned toward the alarm. It wasn’t necessary for it to ring. The night had woken me. A thrill ran through me in anticipation of contemplation and mysteries to be revealed. Turning on a low light I began the count. “Come to me.” I heard the winds stir, whip around the house, rustle trees to burst through the window, its coolness an icy breath on my face and neck. A chill shot through me. I stilled myself, waiting. I became aware of touch, moving touch between darkness and light, warm, exciting. I didn’t dare open my eyes.

“Who are you?”


The prompt for this week:


“…as I rose in the dark…”

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