Déjà Vu: Who’d’a Thunk It!


Finally relaxing at a genuine bakery with a New York staple buttered roll! What took her so long to find this place especially after all the times she’d walked by it over the past couple of years! It said bakery in the name. Didn’t it click? Thank goodness the light finally came on. She had to laugh remembering all those days pining for something she thought no café offered, not no way, not no how, nowhere in town, wishing, wishing…wishing leading to exasperation, that burst of energy leaving your body though annoyance keeps its grip around your shoulders. “Where does that energy go? Huh… living energy… anyway…” All their sweet junk, gooey iced scones – blasphemers! Of course the cappuccino was American size, which meant a small soup bowl-mug with too much milk, but it was good enough not to need sugar sprinkled over the top not that sugar on the froth was a bad thing. What Ruth could taste of the coffee wasn’t bad at all, not bitter at least like other places served, nothing to bring a tear to your eye. It sure wasn’t New York but it’d do until that cataclysmic event when all would change … Leave it to a significant event, an apocalypse to mess up being able to stop for a buttered roll. “Maybe it could miss the bakery like tornadoes do, changing the path and leaving the place alone? Asking too much? At least they’ll keep making them for now. Real butter, mmm, good stuff.”


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