A Graveyard Hanging On The Wall

Nothing to talk about really

And it’s getting closer to Halloween after all

It’s just that

I’m sitting here feeling cozy with the weather outside uneventful but cooler enough there’s an intimacy wearing sweats, holding my espresso, and the setting low enough for heat just in case it should drop that far it might run a few seconds of warmth no more but it shouldn’t have to

Feeling alive with the change that’s about time it’s really fall better behavior as far as I’m concerned

Offended at September my month carrying on like it’s July shouldn’t it know better

It should

All is forgiven now that we’re here and it damn well not hit 95, 85, 80, I don’t want to see 70 nor 60 is too much of a risk

No better than 50-something if it knows what’s good for it not to incur my wrath

What’s this all about

I just wanted to write settled into the blankets, the comforter thrown over the couch with the laptop doing just that sitting on my lap

Typing while I wear warm clothes listening to the dryer while it adds a little bit of heat

Nothing overwhelming

Thinking soon enough it may snow outside, seeing snowflakes in my mind, feeling the fresh air coolness rejuvenation

New life

Yeah wrap your head around that fall and winter symbolizes new life like a bucket of ice water wakes you up

Speaking of which let me take this last mouthful of coffee before it becomes iced


Didn’t Vanilla Ice perform in a Ninja Turtles movie

Yeah they or he did

Worried espresso  might keep me up longer now I’m not

When you’re tired enough nothing can keep you awake or at least not me

Not even those caffein pills sold at convenience stores for truck drivers to help them stay awake

Legal speed or aren’t they sold anymore I don’t know


I think that’s it

The dryer stopped but I don’t want to get up


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