Descended From Angels



Men are descended from the angels

Archangels point of fact

I figured it out as I watched

A prophecy indeed

And contemplated

Now where does that leave us


I need you to have my child

He’ll be a special one


What about she

Well I can take it away as easily

She gives him that look

That a mother does with child aglow

The light in her eyes more brilliant than he could ever be

Are you kidding me

I could kill you if it were possible any other way


The baby stays

We are eternity is all he could say

Yeah looks that way

Esse quam videre


Come with me


He lay dying in her arms

His life he gave for hers

You got that right

She loves him anyway you see

She knows

How annoying can that be



We were made from that as the story goes

You can’t beat this boys

Made from you and light from him



Women rule

That’s too cool

Pure passion shows





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