Sunday Is For Vampire On Good Friday

So a guy gets brutally, beyond brutally murdered and it’s called “good” Friday. I’ve been wondered about stuff like this since I was a kid.

Getting back to the vampires making a movie about vampires, a new generation of vampires and it’d been so long since I’ve added anything to it I’ll have to go back and see what had been revealed and where the whole thing was going. I know there was a sexy scene the vampire guy moving in on the vampire girl, making a move with fangs – you know how they love blood so blood was going to be a constant though this troop was going out to dinner and eating food not just buying it for their victims telling them “don’t worry about me darling I’m just not hungry” all the while enriching their blood for the best yet to come. Helps them to blend. But they did catch that guy who was lost somewhere in the movie set or was he really trying to escape which is impossible thanks to heightened senses. Can vampire sense be dulled? Food for though with a new breed.

Anyway, let me gather up the scraps and see what might be next.


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