Sunday Is For Vampire July 2018

So I looked up the Chronicles of Riddick that was after I’d watched The Wolfman. Vampires still on my mind I was reminded of a conversation… why? Can’t say, “My friends and I have simple tastes, we drink Busch Light”. “My condolences” I’d said. The beverages offered after assistance given moving a heavy piece, yes could’ve done it myself but I can’t let anyone know, not in public, in daylight; anyway were a higher end, good quality and potency cast to the wayside by simpler tastes. Suit yourself I’ll keep them is what I didn’t say. Later that Christmas holiday the trash men received a bag I know they didn’t throw into the back of the truck for refuse or recycle amounting to a six of cheer. Well appreciated might do it again next year.

Simpler tastes aren’t worth a bite on the neck or anywhere. Thin, watery, cheap blood  let the wolves have him, tear him to bits, move on. I remember walking by a pizza box discarded in the grass two half eaten slices overrun by ants. On the return trip the box was still there, the pizza was gone, a few stragglers remained overseeing the cleanup ensuring nothing left behind. Have fun wolf-friend life’s natural shredder not created by Oliver North, leave his remains for the ants.

We have to look out for each other after all…




Or should I say B-movies unite, but they’re recent, most from 2016. I like B-movies and movie monsters so I watched several trailers to see what the interest is, why the sudden saturation of werewolves. There’s an intellectual one about a guy who only thinks he’s a werewolf according to the well-educated right up until he transforms… after that there’s nothing but fear and more death. (His attorney sure was surprised) Another has teenage friends on holiday except one has a family secret and eats his friends… eh. Still another has an entire town full of werewolves who were trying to keep a low profile until… nah. Someone decided to interpret Maximum Overdrive with animals becoming possessed-infected, and attacking their peeps… beware your Chihuahua. The kicker was someone being brought back from the dead as a werewolf-slayer of sorts dressed as red riding hood – nope. Don’t let me forget the very first trailer I watched about a stopped train because the engineer thought he’d hit an animal, then when everyone on the train goes outside to see what’s going on and find him getting torn to shreds by the werewolf, no one is smart enough to get back on the train in a hurry, release the parking brake and drive away. Can a train outrun a werewolf? Who knows but it might have been thrilling to see what you go through to uncouple trailing cars to go faster. There were so few they could’ve all climbed into the first one… Lot’s of graphic blood-gore but none of it moved me.


What a buzz-kill. I’ll take Lon Chaney any day or Dark Shadows’ David Selby, the only werewolf who knows how to dress down to his shoes and you could run away from even if he’s got his arms around you. Those guys had class.



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